Sergio C. Muñoz at Intelatin, LLC

The easiest way to reach me is through my email: smunoz at intelatin dot com or through my LinkedIn. I am friendly and accessible in English and in Spanish. I opened Intelatin in the Beverly Glen in Bel Air in March 1996 after graduating from college. The photograph below is the kitchen of my studio in La Paz. Thank you for visiting my site. I wish you Buenavibra and Tzippiyah.

Creative Work In Circulation:

* Holoportation: Vignettes from the Prairie for Past & Present Relations with Dr Kim TallBear
* Caló: On Prosperity Series
* Laliahounds: Seeds of Glossolalias | Mi'Angeles (Bootleg Video)
* ZZK Records: For the last fifteen years, I have been benefitting musically from the music put out by the label. A few years ago, I participated in two crowdfunds to support the label financially. In 2024, I am spending more time helping the label get financially fit to begin a proper Investment Round under the ticker $ZZK. I am also producing original features for ZZK Culture. AMA: sergio(at)zzkrecords(dot)com
A Photograph I shot of the 15 Year party at the Lodge Room

Sergio's Work Samples:

Essay: México ¿Cómo Vamos?; Essay: ReVista, The Harvard Review of Latin America #3; Essay: ReVista, The Harvard Review of Latin America #2; Essay: ReVista, The Harvard Review of Latin America #1; Video: El Gallinero; Essay: Volumetric Data for PROTO; Essay: Women & Philanthropy; Pitch: Deck for MXCNAS; Interview: Alejandro González Iñárritu; Cover Story: Pau Gasol; Video: Live at UCI's The Cove with Tara Hannaford of Casa Amigos; Radio Feature: Abigail Wald of The Yes Bar; Video: Workshop on Edge Music Technology with Wil Dog of Ozomatli; Recipe Remix: Betty Liu; Author Page: Latino Rebels; Gaming: Aztlán in Mixed Reality; Broadcast Video: Wealth Perspectives on PBS; Feature Video: Pretend City Children's Museum; Radio Feature: Studio 360 on WNYC

Political Features & Interviews:

Michele Bachelet, President of Chile; Dr Abel Pacheco, President of Costa Rica; Álvaro Uribe, President of Colombia; Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles; Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles; Gil Cedillo, State Senator; Maria Contreras Sweet, SBA Administrator ; Hector Barreto, SBA Administrator; Cecilia Muñoz, Director of Obama White House Domestic Policy; John A Perez, Speaker for the California State Assembly; Luis Gutiérrez, Congressman for Illinois; Julian Castro, Congressman for Texas; Alfredo Gutiérrez, New Mexico Senator; Dr Henry Cisneros, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; Juan Verde, Under Secretary at the Department of Commerce

Works Authored by Sergio C. Muñoz:

Churchill. Alive! published by scm Presents;   The Quiet Ledgers published by The Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles;   The Story of Yee published by Santa Ana CDBG;   Gamma Rae published by Intelatin, LLC;   Dictionary of Mexican Rulers (English/Español) published by Intelatin, LLC;   In Their Own Words Volume II published by AltaMed;   The Silver Lining (Translation) published by All State Insurance;   MXCNAS published by Intelatin, LLC;   Mauro Robles & La Reina published by La Reina, Inc;   Kindness as Currency for Children in Anaheim published by Intelatin, LLC;   Victoria & the Equity Lookbook published by Intelatin, LLC;   Beya: La Vida de Juana Vázquez-Gómez published by Intelatin, LLC

Music Produced by Sergio C. Muñoz: (Photograph shot by Paul "La Morsa" Morse)

The Seeds of Glossolalias by Laliahounds (Demos);   They Told Us We Weren't Enough (Bootleg Remix for Dua Lipa);   LVUBTR with Daniel Pak (Stemchain for The Strombo Show);   Pachuco Making Chinese Dumplings with René Millán (For Chef Steps) And for those playing trivia, my first band was ....

First and only gig as Laliahounds performed at the Irvine Bowl at the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. Aaron Broering, vocals; Dave Hada, guitar; Sergio, guitar

Keynotes & Speaking Engagements:

Union Station in DTLA: East LA Meets Napa; Mission San Juan Capistrano: OC Meets Napa & Baja; Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre: The Life & Music of Bruce Pavitt; Racecraft at Kepler's Books in Menlo Park with Dr Karen Fields; General Consulate of Mexico in Los Angeles; Art Center College of Design, Pasadena with Richard Koshalek; Cal State University Long Beach with Dr José Moreno; Chapman University; Para Los Niños, DTLA; Santa Ana Unified School District; Saddleback Valley School District ; Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA); Bowers Museum; Palos Verdes Library District; Delhi Community Center; City of Long Beach Weed & Seed; La Plaza de Cultura y Artes; OC Fair Hangar; Federal Reserve of San Francisco in Los Angeles; Founder Institute; Expert Dojo, Santa Monica; Totem Star, Seattle; Hispanic Chamber of eCommerce at the University Club in San Diego; Google LA for Junior Achievement's Student Entrepreneur Challenge; Perkins Coie, Century City.

Radio Features & Interviews:

Mia Doi Todd + Gambaru; Immortal Technique + Malicious Compliance; Ana Tijoux + Chile; Ritmo Machine + Community Media; Diego García + Argentina; Pacha Massive + Race Hustling; José Conde + Prosperity; Y La Bamba + Education; Other Lives + Christina Cheever at the Robb Report; Bostich & Fussible + Community Media; Nicolas Jaar + Social Mobility with Dr Jody Agius at USC; Chancha vía Circuito + Water; Las Cafeteras + Mobile Technology; For Stars + Local Politics; The Boxer Rebellion + Local Politics; Local Natives + Identity; Devendra Banhart + Living Wages; John Mellencamp + Local Politics; Pablo Milanés + Restaurants in Los Angeles; Eddie Vedder + Economic Segregation; Dengue Fever + Ai Wei Wei with Alison Klayman; Los Lobos + Civil Disobedience; Alex Anwandter + Community Media; Meshell Ndegeocello + Leadership; Maga Bo + Social Impact Bonds; Xavier Rudd + Youth; Moonlight Trio + Labor Movement; DJ Afro + Living Wages; Keeping the Immigrant Bargain with Dr Vivian Louie; Santigold + Univisión with Julio Ricardo Varela; Mariee Sioux + Young Literati; Pancho Land with Raúl Ramos y Sánchez; Rage Against the Machine + Latinos and the GOP; The Making of Chicano Studies with Dr Rodolfo Acuña; Robbie Robertson + The Collective Struggle; Alex Cuba + SaaS Subscriptions; Fol Chen + Immigration Reform with Frank Sharry; Freddy Fender + Dialogical Spaces with Antonio González; Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter with Carmen Aguirre; Frikstailers + Filmcraft with Vanessa Erazo at Remezcla; American Night with René Millán; Raúl y Mexía + Dreamers; La Santa Cecilia + Priests of our Democracy with Marjorie Heins; Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger + Museum Tamal 26 with John Sedlar; kd lang + Community Wealth; Cypress Hill + Legalization with Judge James P Gray; Narcoland with Anabel Hernández; Coco Rosie + Housing with Daren Blomquist; La Yegros + Chef Daniel Patterson of COI; A Tribe Called Red + Bones Brigade with Stacy Peralta ; Lila Downs + Los Últimos Cristeros; Bomba Estereo + The Baja International Film Festival; The Beast with Oscar Martínez; Radio Ambulante with Daniel Alarcón & Martina Castro; Death Grips + Rolling Jubilee Fund; NALIP with Beni Matias; Dom La Nena + Mexico; Youth Policy Institute with Dixon Slingerland; KRS One + DACA Dreamers; Midnight in Mexico with Alfredo Corchado + Ceci Bastida; Quantic + Life Itself with Roger Ebert; The Mind Institute with María Cervantes; Thai Stick with Peter Maguire; The Photography of Farah Sosa at Subsuelo; The Pinker Tones + Restaurants in Los Angeles; The Performances of Ana de Armas; Ottmar Liebert + Theater; Album release by Ibeyi ; Legacy feature with Boo Yaa Tribe; The Old Man's Love Story with Rudolfo Anaya; Casa de mi Padre with Genesis Rodríguez; Tattoos on the Heart by Father Greg Boyle of Homeboy Industries; Dave Lombardo of Slayer & his Cuban Immigration Story

Film Features, Screening & Interviews:

Thandie Newton at the Four Seasons; Aliyah with Elie Wajeman; Broken with Rufus Norris; La Sirga with William Vega; The Butler with Lee Daniels; Adore with Anne Fontaine; Halley with Sebastián Hofmann; In The Name Of with Malgoska Szumowska; Gravity with Alfonso Cuarón; Macario with Bernardo Rondeau of LACMA; Pablo with Richard Goldgevicht; Eles Voltam by Marcello Lordello; Veronica with Marcelo Gomes; Two For Sisters with Edward James Olmos; La Boyita with Julia Solomonoff; Porcelain Horse with Javier Andrade; Cesar Chávez with Diego Luna; To Kill A Man with Alejandro Fernandez Almendras; Embrace of the Serpent with Ciro Guerra; Artifact with Jared Leto; Water & Power with Nicholas González; 2 Autumns, 3 Winters with Sébastien Betbeder; For A Woman with Diane Kurys; The Wind Journey with Ciro Guerra; The Amazing Catfish with Claudia Sainte Luce; Cannibal with Manuel Martín Cuenca; Cry Now with Miguel Ángel Caballero; No with Pablo Larraín; Bless Me Ultima with Miriam Colón; Infancia Clandestina with Benjamín Ávila; Americano with Salma Hayek & Mathieu Demy; Marley by Kevin Macdonald; The Colors of the Mountain with Carlos César Arbeláez; Sonic Highways with Dave Grohl; Pelo Malo with Mariana Rondón; Elena with Petra Costa; Somos Mari Pepa with Samuel Kishi Leopo; Bajo California with Carlos Bolado & Damián Alcázar; La Camioneta with Mark Kendall; Something in the Air with Olivier Assayas at the SLS Hotel; Casa Grande with Fellipe Barbosa; Breathe with Mélanie Laurent; Que Hora Ela Volta with Anna Muylaert; Ma Ma with Julio Medem; The Look of Silence with Joshua Oppenheimer; Fresh Dressed with Sacha Jenkins; Alamar with Pedro González Rubio; Wolf Totem with Jean-Jacques Annaud; Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong with Emily Ting; Jaco with Robert Trujillo; My Love, Don't Cross That River with Jin Mo-young; Aquarius with Kleber Mendonça Filho; Wild Tales with Damián Szifron; También La Lluvia with Gael García Bernal & Luis Tosar; Bella Vita with Jason Baffa; Pájaros de Verano with Ciro Guerra & Cristina Gallego; MLK/FBI with Sam Pollard; A Yak in the Classroom with Pawo Choyning Dorji; Utama with Alejandro Loayza Grisi; Girl Picture with Alli Haapasalo

Series Producer:

Dinner with Senator Gil Cedillo & Nativo López at Mercado LA; Dinner with Freddy Rodríguez at Mercado LA; Dinner with Nicholas Gonzalez at Mercado LA; Dinner with DJ Sweet Beats at Mercado LA; The Life & Music of Wil Dog of Ozomatli; The Life & Music of Abigail Wald of The Yes Bar; The Life & Music of Sabrina Valle of The Jam Stand; The Life & Music of Derajah; The Life & Music of Mississippi Vegan; The Life and Music of Simon Karta Ballard; The Life of Amín Davíd in Orange County, CA; The Music Business with Canyon Cody of Subsuelo; An Indigenous History of the United States with Dr Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz and Rodrigo Reyes; La Onda Verde Radio with the NRDC & Adrianna Quintero; Juan Diego, directed by Sebastián Hofmann for Art Center College of Design

Broadcast Projects:

Filmcraft with Cinema Tropical and Carlos Gutiérrez on KKJZ 88.1 FM;   Racecraft with Dr Karen Fields on KKJZ 88.1 FM;   Ebony & Ivy with Dr Craig Steven Wilder on KKJZ 88.1 FM;   Radio Hermandad with Nativo López for Hermandad Mexicana Radio;   The Nu Lat Am Sound on Radio KX 93.5 FM;   The World Chart Show (Syndicated Feature for Earth Day with Laird Hamilton)

Print Features & Interviews

Rodrigo & Gabriela; Jeep Cherokee in Jackson Hole, Wyoming & California; Disney Animation ; Emiliano Calemzuk, CEO Shine Americas; Sonia Dula, Wealth Management at Bank of America; Kat Von D; Dr Angel Cabrera, Thunderbird School of Management; Bernardo Hernandez, CEO at Flickr; Cesar Conde, COO at Univisión; Mario Molina, CEO at Molina Healthcare; Gustavo Dudamel, Conductor at the Los Angeles Philharmonic; Maria Elena Salinas, Anchor at Univisión; Jorge Ramos, Anchor at Univisión; Manuel Medina Mora, CEO at Citigroup; Miguel Angel Corzo, CEO at La Plaza de Cultura y Artes; Paul Diaz, CEO at Kindred Healthcare; Herb Scannell, President at BBC Worldwide; Fernando Espuelas, Radio Producer at Univision; Maria Elena Durazo, Executive Director at the AFLCIO LA; Nicolas Berggruen, Chairman for Think Long for California; Sergio Bendixen, President at Bendixen & Amandi; Alberto Ibarguen, CEO at The Knight Foundation; Claudia Galvan, Head of Online Services at Microsoft; Monica Lozano, CEO at Impremedia; Gustavo Arnavat,; Executive Director at the Inter American Development Bank; Janet Murgia, CEO at NCLR; Moises Naim, Media Personality; Hernán López, CEO of Fox Hispanic Media; Luis Ubinas, President of the Ford Foundation; Javier Olivan, Head of Growth at Facebook; Ibi Fleming, SVP at Herbalife ; María Teresa Kumar, CEO at Voto Latino

Academic Collaborations:

Dr Karen Fields at Duke; Dr Craig Wilder at MIT; Dr Tiffany Ruby Patterson at Vanderbilt; Dr Natalie Byfield at St. Johns; Dr Willene Johnson at The US Institute for Peace; Dr Joseph Graves at University of North Carolina; Dr Asia Leeds at Spelman; Dr Adolph Reed at Penn; Dr Gilman Whiting at Vanderbilt; Dr Barbara Fields at Columbia ; Dr Clarissa Myrick-Harris at Morehouse; Dr Leslie Harris at Emory; Dr Kim TallBear at University of Alberta; Dr Sandy Darity at Duke; Dr Dorothy Roberts at University of Pennsylvania; Dr Peniel Joseph at Tufts; Dr Manisha Sinha at UMASS; Dr Arlene Dávila at NYU; Dr Pedro Alvarez at the SENS Foundation at Rice University; Dr Angela Williamson at Rio Hondo; Dr Jody Agius Vallejo at USC; Dr Paulette Steeves at Algoma University; Theodore Shaw at Columbia Law

Chef & Restaurateur Collaborations:

Cesar Ramirez at Brooklyn Faire, New York; Ricardo Diaz at Bizarra Capital, Los Angeles; Blair Salisbury at El Cholo Café, Los Angeles; Armando de la Torre at Guisdaos, Los Angeles; Pati Zarate at Homegirl Cafe, Los Angeles; Jaime Martin del Campo & Ramiro Arvizu at La Casita Mexicana, Los Angeles; Jimmy Shaw at Loteria Grill, Los Angeles; Robert Luna at Mas Malo, Los Angeles; John Sedlar at Rivera, Los Angeles; Betty Porto at Porto's Bakery, Los Angeles; Hugo Molina at Setá, Los Angeles; Teresa Campos Hernandez at Teresita's, Los Angeles; Jesse Gomez at Mercado, Los Angeles; Juan Muñoz Oca at Columbia Crest, Washington; Gary Horner at Erath Winery, Oregon; Ferran Adria at Harvard College; Leo Razo at Villa Roma, Laguna Hills; Beto Ygei at Taiko Sushi, Seal Beach; Eric Samaniego at Little Sparrow Cafe, Santa Ana; Gabbi Patrick at Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen, Orange; Carlos Calderon at Felix's Continental Cafe, Orange; Carlos Salgado at Taco Maria, Costa Mesa; Izumi Hamagaki at Radical Botanicals, Santa Ana; Kim Muller at Izanami, Santa Fe; Daniel Godinez at Anepalco's, Orange; Agustin Romo at Eqekos, Santa Ana; Ada Canales at Regina Restaurant, Garden Grove; Ricardo Beas at Ricardo's Place, San Juan Capistrano; Martin San Roman at La Terrasse San Roman, Valle de Guadalupe; Drew Deckman at Deckmans en el Mogor, Valle de Guadalupe; Nancy Leon Alvarez at Chan's Bistro, Tijuana; Mario Medina at Las Rocas, Rosarito; Priscilla Curiel at Talavera Azul, Chula Vista; Esdras Ochoa at Mexicali Taco Inc, Los Angeles; Adria Montaño, Ana Juncal, Bianca Castro, Claudette Zepeda, Daniela Santana, Daniella de la Puente, Denise Roa, Denisse Zamudio, Dulce Romo, Esthela Martinez, Flor Franco, Giannina Gavaldón, Ismene Venegas, Krista Velasco, Maribel Villareal, Mariela Manzano, Monserrat Andrade, Nancy León, Priscilla Curiel, Sabina Bandera, Sandra Vázquez, Sheyla Alvarado, Solange Muris, Tania Ceballos, Tania Livier Garcia for women owned enterprise (MXCNAS)

Banking Projects:

US Treasury Homeowner Assistance Fund (Government);   US Treasury Hardest Hit Fund (Government);   HOTB Angel Fund (Venture/Angel);   California State University at Los Angeles (Grant);   Stanford SLEI/LBAN (Grant);   Indymac Bank (Retail Branch);   Barrington Capital (Wholesale);   Bridge Capital (Retail);   Inter American Development Bank (Member-owned financial cooperative)

My edge idea for using Proto holoportation technology is in pilot with Dr Kim TallBear at the University of Alberta at Edmonton. Inquiries: smunoz at intelatin dot com

Proto is a Series A pioneer in Holoportation. I have a contract with Proto for sales in the Americas. My focus is in 7th generation kin relation holoportations for home, airports, universities, museums & casinos.

Top Films at Intelatin, LLC

Top 13 Records at Intelatin, LLC

Are you Experienced? by the Jimi Hendrix Experience;   Dynasty by KISS;   Exodus by Bob Marley;   Contact from the Underworld of Redboy by Robbie Robertson;   Los Tres Ases on RCA Victor;   Lovers Rock by Sade Adu;   Trans Europe Express by Kraftwerk;   The Future by Leonard Cohen;   Cosmic Ocean Ship by Mia Doi Todd;   Love by The Cult;   Wild is the Wind by Nina Simone;   Rio Arriba by Chancha vía Circuito;   Stardust by Willie Nelson

Top 13 Destinations

Las Mañanitas in Cuernavaca;   Teatro Juárez in Guanajuato;   Balandra in La Paz;   Izanami in Santa Fe;   Savannah, Georgia;   The French Quarter of New Orleans;   The Mad River in Waitsfield, Vermont;   Gold Ledge in Kernville;   Cartagena, Colombia;   Ke'e, Hawai'i;   Crater Lake in Oregon;   Shaw's Cove in Laguna Beach;   Italy