My love for literature started with SE Hinton and her books, Tex, Rumble Fish, That Was Then This Is Now and The Outsiders. For a few years after reading those, I was bombarded with atrocious required reading that almost turned me off literature completely until 11th grade when I read Siddhartha and Narcissus & Goldmund by Hermann Hesse. In 1991, Dr Susan Derwin introduced me to Toni Morrison and Miguel Cervantes and I began to conceptualize my own story given those influences. In 1997, I published this illustrated novella about a canisman fighting for love. I went into serious debt attempting to support this book from my studio in Bel Air. I did my first book signing at Midnight Special on the Promenade in Santa Monica. My next book signing was at The Armadillo Ale House in Brentwood on San Vicente. In retrospect, I didnt have the requisite knowledge to know what to do with this book as a business and I don't think I was able to give this book the reception it deserved. But, I tried.