I have the good fortune to know Jamie Shortill, a Canadian Investment Banker with Strand Venture Partners. He invested in a company making robots for restaurants and as he was helping to open a branch in Sonora, Mexico, he came across a family hand harvesting salt from the Sea of Cortez. Jamie and two of his friends, purchased a license from the family and created a startup to market and distribute this Mexican sea salt. I became a shareholder of True Salt in August 2018.


Wil Dog is a musician and a founding member of Ozomatli. Over the years, he has become a great friend and I have become very interested in understanding the music industry from the perspective of Ozomatli, a successful band with 56 countries toured, 9 studio albums and 3 grammys. While listening to an investor tell me about Population Health, I developed an idea for how to create an initiative to improve the health of the Latino population in the US, specifically, the Ozomatli fanbase. To do so, we have to create a program for Wil Dog that allows him to change his behavior and his nutrition so that we can get a twelve month improvement on his metabolic panel.


Bruce Pavitt was the founder of Sub Pop records. He started it with $500 and a fanzine for a radio program. He discovered and signed Nirvana, Soundgarden, 4/5ths of Pearl Jam and many others. When his company was sold to Warner Bros, he built a home on a mountain on an island in the Pacific Ocean and began a shamanic quest to explore his consciousness. Recently, he came back to the music industry with 8Stem to change the dynamic between the song and the listener and I became a shareholder. I was also allowed to create a division focused on pushing the technology in Latin America.


Nativo López introduced me to his uncle, Dr Diego Vigil, a professor at UC Irvine. Dr Vigil asked me for help in publishing his next work. I partnered the idea with Jake Hawley of TLM Partners and together, the three of us are attempting to launch Aztlán in Mixed Reality. We signed a Founder's Pledge to UCI, their first ever in the University's fifty-three year history. (Think about that: A Mexican banker and a Chicano professor were the first ever to draft a Founder's Pledge for this multi-billion dollar institution. Special thanks to Thomas Antunez for his support and guidance.) Aztlán is a game about the last five hundred years in the American hemisphere. The focus is on ten Indigenous teams in war with the European imperialists.