I learned banking when I became the VP Sales at Level 9 in Montpelier, Vermont. My job was to find financial institutions that wanted to build their online banking platforms. My first and most important client was the Inter American Development Bank (IADB). The CEO of the Credit Union for the IADB staff educated me about the entire operation from beginning to end. After engaging in these exercises with dozens of banks, credit unions and lending operations, I knew how to operate as a banker. I supported this real life knowledge with an OCW social finance academic program at Dartmouth. Present-day, I have sourced over $300M in lending capital and I've scouted over $25M in angel capital for pre-revenue technology startups.

The numbers for angel capital for Latina/o entrepreneurs are horrific. In working with the Angel Resource Institute, the Angel Capital Association and Pitchbook, I believe that I can help open access to capital for Latina/os. Because so, I was drafted by the Annenberg Foundation and the office of Mayor Eric Garcetti to be a part of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative in the Los Angeles Venture Capital industry called

For me, the focus is simple:
1) Who are the Latina/o entrepreneurs?
2) Who are they soliciting among the VCs in Los Angeles?
3) What are the outcomes from those meetings?
4) Where are those outcomes being published with absolute transparency?

I approached Beatriz Acevedo to work on this with her. I am hopeful that we will be able to get started in early 2019.


I am an adviser for the following startups:

Mesh Candy, Santa Ana
Pink Lotus Elements Tienda, Beverly Hills
TLM Partners, Irvine
True Salt, Phoenix
8Stem, Seattle
Versatella, Los Angeles